We provide Managed IT and Security Solutions to businesses who want to increase efficiency.eliminate headaches.boost productivity.sleep better at night.improve their bottom line.

We free our clients of technology pain points and help them focus on running their business. We are The IT Department for Growing Businesses.

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In the story of your business, is technology the villain?

Out-of-Date IT Equipment

Tired of dealing with aging equipment that keeps failing or slowing you down?

Our IT Infrastructure Management services can get your network in shape and keep it that way.

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Threats to Your Systems & Data

Cyber criminals are constantly trying new ways to hack into your business or scam your employees.

We can help to secure both your network AND your employees against threats.

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Unproductive Employees

How much are constant computer problems and inefficient employees costing your business?

We can help your people be more productive and help your business thrive.

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Falling Behind the Competition

With all these issues compounding, your business is unable to keep up with your competition. Yikes!

We can boost the performance of every department in your business.

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Yes, I have these problems!

Imagine what’s possible when technology works for you:

Your Systems Will Work Better Together

Imagine if your business was “hitting on all cylinders” and how awesome that would be.

With SKYE as your IT partner we’ll get your systems working better than ever.

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Your Data Will Be Safe and Secure

We help our clients stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

With our proactive approach to security, we’ll help you keep your business and safe from evolving cyber threats.

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Your Employees Will Get More Done

With the right technology in place your employees will be able to work more effectively.

This, in turn, causes your entire business to function more efficiently than before.

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Your Business Will Grow and Thrive

The right IT partner can help accelerate all other business critical functions.

This will have an immediate and lasting impact on your business health and growth.

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We are IT super heroes. Let’s save the day.

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Choosing the Right IT Solutions.

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For many people, technology is often complicated, cumbersome and just plain annoying. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Businesses who choose us as their Virtual IT Department get a partner who helps them get the most out of technology and top-rated support from our trained staff, all for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Choose us as your IT partner so you can finally get technology working for you, not against you!
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Our Clients Love Us, And The Feeling is Mutual We love our customers so much, it hurts

“I highly recommend SKYE Technologies to anyone I meet who has an IT need.

They have done a great job for my firm, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to help. Thanks for all you do.”

-Cheryl T.

“SKYE Technologies is very professional, quick to respond and does a fantastic job!

I would highly recommend them. They have done a wonderful job for our company. VERY reliable.”

-Doug H.

“I love that when I do have an issue I can talk to a real person every time I call.

They have top notch customer service and very knowledgeable in the services they provide. I would recommend this service to everyone!”

-Jason S.

“This was truly a case of going above and beyond. The solution they provided will be easy for me to use and will let me respond more quickly to the requests I get for file changes. I cannot thank them – and SKYE – enough for the attention given.


“They talked to me quite a few times today, had very good positive attitude in my time of stress. Haha I appreciate all you all do. Thank you!


“Everyone has been very helpful in our transition to SKYE. Patience with us has been welcomed. Thanks


“Your people are so nice and helpful. Thanks


“He fixed my problem and got me up and running. It seemed kind of difficult, but he didn’t give up and tried multiple fixes in order to make sure the problem was resolved. Much appreciated!


“Above and beyond. Thank you!


“You all are the best!


“Y’all just make things so much easier! Thank you


“Your people are so nice and helpful. Thanks


“Quick response and fixed right the first time. You all exceeded expectations.


“Very friendly, fast and efficient ;-)


“Went above and beyond to help me figure out my issue and did not stop until it was resolved. Thanks a bunch!


We are the IT Department for Growing Businesses.