Amazon Scam

Andrew McIntosh | January 22, 2020

Jeff Bezos would NOT approve. See how scammers trick you into giving up your credit card number.

This elaborate multi-part scam consists of phishing email, impostor websites, gift cards, luxury watches and more.

For starters, you may receive a fake email that supposedly is from Amazon. It tells you that you’ve won a gift card and now need to “claim” your gift card or risk losing it when it expires.

When you hover over the link with your cursor you will see that it does not point to, but instead to an impostor website.

If you failed to notice that and wind up opening the impostor website, you will be prompted to take a brief survey in exchange for your gift certificate. At this point, you should inspecting the URL at the top will give you proof that you are not on the real Amazon website.

From here it shows the scammers put a lot of work into making their impostor site look legitimate.  It’s well written, includes customer testimonials with pictures and more. In this case, the scammers tell you that you only have a limited time to redeem your gift card.

Proceeding on the fake website you are invited to select which type of gift card you’d like to receive, and your only obligation is to cover the cost of shipping & handling.  Simply provide your credit card information to pay for shipping and your card will be delivered soon.  This is a lie intended to convince you into giving up your credit card info!

What’s interesting in this case is that the scammers actually try to process your credit card immediately. By validating your card they are now able to sell that info on the “dark web” (or black market) or use it to make purchases of their own.

The amount of time and effort put into this multi-step scheme is impressive.  Be sure to pay close attention to the sites you are visiting to avoid being duped and having your credit card information stolen!

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