Data Backups &
Disaster Recovery

For most businesses, your data is your lifeblood. Without access to it (or your applications) you simply cannot function. So here is the million dollar question: is your data properly protected?

Our backup & disaster recovery services will protect your critical assets and help you sleep better at night.

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Data Backups &
Disaster Recovery

For most businesses, your data is your lifeblood. Without it you simply cannot function. So here is the million dollar question:
is your data properly protected?

Our backup & disaster recovery services will help you sleep at night.

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What Would Happen if You Lost Your Data?

For many businesses, this scenario is what nightmares are made of. Getting hit with ransomware, experiencing a hardware failure, accidental deletion, natural disaster, the list goes on.

Sadly, there are a myriad of ways you could lose access to your critical data. How can you protect it against all these scenarios?

Backups… Not Exciting, But Critical!

It’s true, there’s nothing particularly exciting about backing up your data. But like a good insurance policy, you’ll be extremely happy to have it when the unexpected happens.

We can backup your data multiple times per day, whether it lives at your office or in the cloud. Additionally, we monitor your backups daily for success/failure, and test them regularly to ensure they are recoverable.

Disaster Recovery – Plan, Strategy & Execution

If disaster strikes, we won’t let your business IT suffer. Our backup and disaster recovery strategy and plan ensures you have business continuity to maintain a minimum level of service while restoring the organization to normal operations.

As part of our ongoing mission to align your technology with business goals, we work with you to implement a strategy that accounts for your budget, insurance coverage, risk positions, compliance and much more.

Scenarios We Can Protect Against


Ransomware has evolved from an obscure threat to a full fledged criminal industry in a few short years. From individual hackers, to organized crime, to state-sponsored elites - bad guys around the world are actively looking to hold your data hostage. Having good backups can diffuse the situation entirely.

Localized Failures

Many businesses still use servers at their office to house their data and applications. What happens if the server crashes or goes offline? We can protect against that with a dedicated backup server at your location. It can act as a short-term "spare tire" that you can use until your primary server is repaired and brought back online.

Data Deletion

Whether malicious or accidental, the deletion of data can wreak havoc on your daily business operations. We can quickly recover from such losses with a simple call to our help desk for assistance. Using our local recovery options we can restore individual files & folders or even entire servers if needed.

Natural Disasters

What if you office is taken offline due to a fire, flood, tornado or some other type of disaster (natural or man made)? We store all your critical data offsite to protect against that as well. No matter the scenario, you can rest assured we have the capability to restore your operations so you can get back to business.
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