Mildly Entertaining.

Highly Educational.

At SKYE Technologies, we believe that educating our customers (and the general public) is one of the best methods for preventing fraud, scams, hacking, phishing and much more. 

So we decided to start pumping out the most informative videos we could while keeping it somewhat enjoyable. You be the judge!

Be sure to check back often to get the latest scams and other security tips & tricks!
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Fresh out of the oven! Since security threats are changing every day, we want to keep the community educated as best we can. Check back frequently for the latest scams, phishing attempts and other security related issues that we come across.

IRS Scam

Kicking it OLD SCHOOL. See how scammers use snail-mail to dupe you into sending them money. It might sound like something you'd never fall for, but learning their tricks is a sure way to make sure you keep your money yourself! Guide:

By |August 21st, 2020|Phishing|

Phishing Examples

Phishing is on the rise and there are new tricks being employed every day! Since we see new phishing attempts and the creative ways scammers use to try and get your personal information, we decided to make a series of videos showing you real world examples and showing you avoid to avoid getting hooked…

Amazon Scam

By |August 21st, 2020|

Jeff Bezos would NOT approve. See how scammers trick you into giving up your credit card number. This elaborate multi-part scam consists

Meet the Threat Actors!

Did you know that hackers and scammers come in all different shapes and sizes? No, we don’t mean physically. The IT industry calls them “Threat Actors” and this series of videos will help you understand the different types and how they could impact your business.

Don’t Get Phished… Get Smart! 

We’ll send you our latest content as it comes out. We promise to keep it relatively interesting!

Productivity Tips

What if you (or your employees) could be more effective with some quick and easy-to-learn tips & tricks? This series is designed to help you get the most out of your computer to make you a better worker.

Security Awareness

In general, it’s good for business owners and their employees to understand the types of threats they may face in the workplace. We want to help you with some of these concepts so you can can better understand how all this works!

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