PayPal Scam

Used PayPal lately? Hackers certainly hope so. Make sure you don't fall into this trap! Guide: 10 Steps to Improve Your Business Technology We put together an "IT recipe" that can produce better results, tighter security and higher productivity for your business. Enter your email address below

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IRS Scam

Kicking it OLD SCHOOL. See how scammers use snail-mail to dupe you into sending them money. It might sound like something you'd never fall for, but learning their tricks is a sure way to make sure you keep your money yourself! Guide: 10 Steps to Improve Your

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Amazon Scam

Jeff Bezos would NOT approve. See how scammers trick you into giving up your credit card number. This elaborate multi-part scam consists of phishing email, impostor websites, gift cards, luxury watches and more. For starters, you may receive a fake email that supposedly is from Amazon. It tells you

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How Hackers Blackmail You

See how hackers use clever social engineering methods to trick people into paying a fake ransom. There are a lot of bad guys out there who are willing to blackmail you and steal your money. Sadly we've had people contact us in the past, panicked and frightened over this email

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Netflix Scam

Watch this video to see what a Netflix phishing email and impostor site look like. Everybody loves Netflix and nobody wants to lose it unexpectedly.  At least, that's what scammers are hoping for.  In this episode of our Security Awareness video series, we will show you exactly how scammers

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The Great Twitter Hack

Oh no!  My favorite celebrity got hacked on Twitter! Today we are looking at the Twitter hack that just happened on July 15th.  It was an organized attack on employees of Twitter that had access to secure systems and data. In this video we explain what the hackers were

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