5 Hacks for Happier & More Productive Employees

What are SKYE Technologies’ five simple hacks to make your employees happier and more productive? No, we’re not going to waste any time. Let’s get right to the point… Here they are: Computers with solid state drives save employees’ time. Mobile business phone apps on employees’ smartphones free them

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How to Calculate the Cost of Downtime

When we ask business owners and administrators, “How much downtime can your business tolerate?” the answer is often, “None.” But when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, they often are not sure how to calculate exactly what an hour of downtime is costing their business.

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What is an SSD?

What is an SSD and how can it speed up your computer?  Check out this video for a full explanation on what it is and how it can help your business be more efficient! Guide: 10 Steps to Improve Your Business Technology We put together an "IT

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