Cyber Security Services &

Awareness Training

We help businesses implement security best practices and train their employees to guard against relentless and increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals. 

In short, hackers stink, but your network doesn’t have to!

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Security Best Practices & Training

We help businesses implement security best practices and train their employees to guard against relentless and increasingly sophisticated hackers. 

In short, people stink. But your network doesn’t have to.

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Security is Better When it’s Fully Integrated

We know that IT security is only as good as the weakest link in the chain, and unfortunately, that link is usually your end user.

Full-service cyber security is an essential service SKYE Technologies provides.

No matter how quickly we solve your users’ issues, assist with technology purchases, or unearth underutilized technology, if your business isn’t secure, no one wins.  

Businesses Are Faced With Many Threats:


Small businesses tend to invest less in IT security, which leaves them an easy target for hackers. Ransomware has targeted 47% of small businesses, and 73% of those targeted had to pay a ransom. A small firm in Kentucky needed to pay $150,000 after its network of eight computers locked up.

Outdated Software/Patches

Software applications often require updates to remain secure. If a software patch is not installed to update the software's security, the vulnerability will become public and a target for hackers. Hackers, in turn, can steal company data and sell it on the "dark web" or hold it hostage for a ransom.

Wire Fraud

Hackers are continually trying to break into company mailboxes so they can impersonate CEOs, CFOs or anyone who handles money. Once logged in, they use that compromised mailbox to intercept wire transfers and route the money to their offshore accounts.

But Wait... There's More!

If we listed *every* threat faced by businesses this page would be too long and too depressing. But the reality is, cyber threats are on the rise and the potential damage they can cause is on the rise as well. Savvy business owners need to be concerned about these threats, because it threatens their livelihood!
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How Can You Protect Your Business?

Start by Implementing Security Best Practices:

SKYE Technologies’ Virtual IT Department helps businesses prevent security breaches by implementing the latest cybersecurity measures and by providing ongoing advice and support.

We help companies set up tools that monitor, alert, and block security threats to establish and maintain a secure IT infrastructure.

Help Me Implement These!

Receive Security Training for the “New Normal”

In the “New Normal,” an increased number of remote workers, without additional security and training, have prompted a seven-fold increase in cyber-attacks.

Our proactive cybersecurity training, delivered virtually, improves employee awareness and education about cyber hygiene.  

If only one of your end users falls for a simple phishing attempt and involuntarily gives away information or money, it can be a significant setback.

We help your employees think twice before opening an email or clicking on a link. 

We can help your business avoid becoming a victim to scammers!

So what all do we cover in our Security Training? Awesome stuff. 

Cyber criminals are always coming up with new ways to trick your employees, so our awareness training adapts!

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Don’t be that business that gets an audit and training AFTER it’s been hacked or sends money to a fake account!

None of us want to be blindsided by a cyber security incident. We have enough craziness in the world as it is.

Let’s work together to secure your business and train your employees so you can succeed.

We will help your business with system security, threat mitigation, opportunities for increased productivity and maximizing your technology investments.

Choosing the Right IT Solutions.

Businesses who choose us as their Virtual IT Department receive a comprehensive security baseline and top-rated customer support from our staff, all for a fixed monthly subscription fee.

We eliminate surprise billing and add-on expenses so companies can save time and money. 

We are the IT Department for Growing Businesses.
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Feel free to check out our blog page section called “The Scam Series” to see videos explaining how the bad guys do what they do.

Once you understand how they trick you, the magic is gone, and you can see behind the curtains. As the saying goes:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! 

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We are the IT Department for Growing Businesses.