IT Infrastructure Management

Many businesses experience their IT equipment getting older and causing problems they didn’t even know existed. Issues that are caused by outdated IT infrastructure can be very costly! 

You can prevent this from happening to your business!
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Risks of Outdated IT Infrastructure

What are the risks of outdated IT infrastructure?

Outdated IT infrastructure such as computers, operating systems, and networks cause you to spend more time fixing security and efficiency issues instead of growing your business.

By not upgrading your computer network, you may experience lower productivity.

With slower processing of information and a higher likelihood of a security breach, outdated IT gets in the way of managing business-critical tasks.

Outdated IT hardware can be a ticking time bomb as it exposes security flaws and can be incompatible with modern elements like an updated operating system.

Align IT Hardware with Your Objectives

Aligning IT hardware with your objectives

At SKYE Technologies, we help you achieve your business goals with IT infrastructure management that aligns with your needs.

We meet with you and discuss the steps to complete an audit on your current equipment and ways to save you money.

We advise you on the latest IT equipment, review recommended suppliers (including available discounted upgrades), outline the installation process and lay out a path for training and ongoing IT support.

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Signs You May Need New Equipment

If you are experiencing your computers needing patches or periodically crashing, it’s time to update your IT infrastructure.

You’ll often hear employees complain about their computers running slow. Other signs include workers using different hardware, the need for multiple programs to perform basic tasks, insufficient storage space, security breaches and high energy bills.

These are all signs of needing a hardware upgrade.

Choosing the Right IT Solutions

As a company that provides IT infrastructure managment, we connect your goals for business growth to your IT equipment selections.

We help you make decisions according to many important factors, putting technology to work for you, not against you.

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Free Guide: 10 Technology Steps to Improve Your Business

Learn how your business can grow and thrive through the effective use of technology. This guide will help you understand 10 steps you can take to maximize the impact of your technology investments and gain a competitive edge.

We Can Provide A Custom IT Infrastructure Upgrade

SKYE Technologies is a managed service provider that helps technology work for you, not against you. We have dozens of five-star Google reviews from business customers due to our commitment to their success.

We have a history of positioning clients for growth based on our proactive consultative planning, technical expertise, superior security suite, all-inclusive support and fast response times.

We work to maximize your “return on investment” with planning, strategy, and continued service so that you can get the most out of your IT investments and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Our tech support staff provides top quality service that is always friendly, prompt, and professional. You will receive ongoing all-inclusive support for hardware and software solutions so that you leverage the benefits of your equipment upgrade.

Why risk losing money due to inefficiencies and stopgap fixes? Modernized IT equipment will help your business grow faster. An IT infrastructure upgrade provides consistent performance, resulting in cost savings due to less time fixing repairs, removing viruses, and interrupting employee workflow.  

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Managing Your IT for the “New Normal”

We are in a “New Normal” where remote work and security will play a vital role in business strategy and growth moving forward.

We’ll factor this into your planning so your business can keep up with changes.

We help your business with system security, threat mitigation, opportunities for increased productivity, and maximizing your technology investments.

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