Backups & Security

Protect yourself from the unthinkable

We take backups and security very seriously. In fact, they are the two most important services we can provide. Without them, you risk losing everything that is important to your business.

Don’t let your organization become a statistic - protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build up, with Backup and Security solutions from SKYE Technologies.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t outsource our backup or security solutions to a third party. With our custom solutions, we’ll continuously monitor your data, maintain backup copies on-site and offsite in the event of a disaster, and respond quickly when failures occur.

With Backup and Security solutions from SKYE Technologies, you get:

  • Email Protection - Keep your inbox free of spam and viruses
  • Web Filtering - Control staff access to potentially malicious sites
  • Managed Firewall - Keep bad traffic away from your network
  • Wireless Information Security - Restrict network access to your staff
  • Email Archiving - Archive your emails for ease of future access
  • Data Backup and Restoration - Give your files the protection they need

Protect your IT and you protect
your entire business.

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