Peace of Mind

Our entire offering is centered on the goal of giving our clients peace of mind.  Business owners and executives have a multitude of things to worry about.  Our goal is to eliminate one: IT.  By partnering with us you can rest easy knowing that you making effective use of technology to minimize threats and maximize opportunities.

More Productive Employees

If you could snap your fingers and make your employees 10% more productive overnight, would you?  Of course you would!  As your Virtual IT Department, we will proactively find ways to increase the productivity of your employees, thus driving an increase in your bottom line profits. There are many “nooks and crannies” that can make a collective, positive impact on your productivity if you know where to look.

Less Distractions, More Focus

When technology fails or doesn’t perform optimally it can not only distract your employees (reducing productivity) but can distract the leadership team (impacting vision, traction and focus).  With the security and stability that results from our services, your company can stay focused on priorities and meeting stated goals.

Predictable, Scalable Growth

Our Virtual IT Department is provided as an all-inclusive, flat rate agreement that scales up and down based on the number of employees or devices at your company.  This provides you with 100% transparency and the ability to plan ahead for future growth, with none of the billing surprises so common with our competitors.

Reduced Risk

While most executives have a clear vision of where they would like to see their company in 1, 3 or even 10 years, it is often the unknown risks that can prevent them from reaching their goals.  We help clients achieve their vision by reducing the inherent and evolving risks found in technology.  No surprises, only progress.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The nature of our service agreement (all-inclusive, flat fee “salary”) ensures that we want your technology to be as effective as possible.  Unlike our competitors, we don’t profit from your disruptions, outages, slowdowns or threats.  We are incentivized to ensure your IT is working smoothly, thus ensuring mutual success as we grow together.

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