Software Updates & Upgrades

What if your business and employees could receive seamless software updates and upgrades that prevent exposing them to evolving cyber threats?

There are over 10,000 new malware threats discovered each hour. SKYE Technologies can protect your business against these security risks with proper planning for software upgrades and on-going maintenance.

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Security Best Practices & Training

We help businesses implement security best practices and train their employees to guard against relentless and increasingly sophisticated hackers. 

In short, people stink. But your network doesn’t have to.

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Prevent Extra Costs From Outdated Software

As part of the Technology Roadmap that we create for your business, we set up a regular software update and upgrade plan that saves you money in the long run by keeping a log of your systems and anticipating needed changes.

We help you avoid the trap of increased costs due to a long-overdue upgrade.

We also stay in contact with all of your mission-critical vendors and communicate with you about their product plans, end-of-life maintenance, and support schedules. Our goal is to avoid “Upgrade debt” because your software is so far behind, and work with you to budget in costs each year to align with your business goals.


Avoid Compliance Risks

Unsupported Software

We protect you against unsupported software that can exacerbate compliance risks and subject you and your business to fines from auditors.

New Regulations

We conduct a full assessment of your software and evaluate any relevant regulatory compliance issues. Then we collaborate with your company to create a technology roadmap that helps you navigate the future while minimizing risk.

Handling Employee Data

Many compliance requirements apply to any companies that handle employee data and even payment card information related to your business transactions.


Our automated tools will keep track of any open source code and licenses your organization uses while also providing real-time monitoring and auditing of licensing compliance efforts and security vulnerabilities.
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Minimize Your Security Vulnerabilities

Don’t Be An Easy Target

Outdated software can make you, your employees, and your business a prime target for cyberattacks and potential data breaches, resulting in catastrophic consequences. Our software update and upgrade plan maximize your software security features so that your business is not an easy target.

If you are a small-to-midsize business (SMB), don’t assume you are too small or unimportant for hackers and cyber thieves to target for ransomware, phishing, and other cyber tactics.

Cyberhackers consider many SMBs, such as healthcare practices, law offices, and construction firms to be low risk, high reward targets holding valuable personal identifying information about their clients. SKYE Technologies understands these businesses’ software needs, and our IT specialists work with you and your vendors to prevent holes in security.

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Cybercriminals Like Procrastinators. Don’t Wait.

A significant issue with SMBs is that they often tend to procrastinate updating their software and technology, which dramatically increases their exposure and attractiveness to cybercriminals. Once a plan is in place and implemented, we leverage automation and do the heavy lifting with vendors so you can focus on the growth of your business.

Viruses, malware, and attacks get more sophisticated and now target devices and the “Internet of things.” If a device stops working or becomes infected, it can spread to a broader system failure and prevent you from working immediately.

We close the back door for hackers to enter your devices and systems by implementing automatic updates and double-checking your software. As you grow your business, and more employees work remotely with devices running on the same internet, security risks increase.

Our continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure ensures your employees do not use outdated mobile devices to access critical information on your network.

As the saying goes, “An Ounce Of Prevention Equals A Pound Of Cure.”

Keep your software current and stay well positioned for business growth.

Choosing the Right IT Solutions.

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For many people, technology is often complicated, cumbersome and just plain annoying. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Businesses who choose us as their Virtual IT Department get a partner who helps them get the most out of technology and top-rated support from our trained staff, all for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Choose us as your IT partner so you can finally get technology working for you, not against you!

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