Technology Planning & Strategy

Maintaining or improving operational efficiencies as you scale your business can be a daunting task. Many businesses fail to utilize an IT strategy that strengthens their business processes. SKYE Technologies is an IT planning and strategy company that provides IT project management to help you align your information technology with your growth objectives. Our expertise helps you use technology to balance tasks, improvement projects, and initiatives to increase business productivity.

In other words, we make technology work for you, not against you. 

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Align, Prioritize, Communicate

Business owners often lack the understanding of how business technology supports their company’s objectives. Without this understanding, it’s difficult to align and prioritize their goals with an IT strategy for maximum results.

Simply reacting to technology pain points as they happen will NOT realize growth opportunities.

We work to fully understand a company’s business operations and goals and clearly communicate our IT strategy so that all stakeholders see the relationship between technology and growth.

When you become a new customer with SKYE Technologies, you will have a thoroughly designed IT strategy and implementation plan within your first year of service. We conduct extensive interviews with employees in each of your critical roles and cross-reference those findings to unearth issues that may unknowingly exist.

Our technology roadmap will include all of your network, security, productivity projects, and any organizational changes to get you traveling down the beneficial road of technology, not the frustrating one.

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Balancing IT Tasks and Improvement Projects

If you continue with constant issues, you will most likely have less productive workers. When your employees know the technology that they are using is behind the times, they often experience frustration and longer times to complete basic tasks.

A technology roadmap solves these issues!

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Your technology roadmap from SKYE Technologies implements improved IT project management, which will minimize work disruptions, keep your employees happier, more productive, and allow you to budget your business’s capital expenditures as time progresses.  Our blog post “5 Hacks for Happier Employees” dives into this topic more deeply as well.

Continuous IT Planning and Strategy Service

We conduct Quarterly Business Reviews with your decision-makers to be sure we continue aligning technology with your business goals. The “New Normal” has caused a fast-changing business environment. It requires businesses to monitor their strategy more closely and update their plan execution more frequently.

We have business savvy Account Managers that continually match your technology needs with your company’s objectives and key results. Our mission is to make sure you have what you need to succeed, without unnecessary purchases and expenses that aren’t in line with your growth strategy. We help you become leaner and more productive as our relationship grows.

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To continue this focus and alignment with technology and your business goals, we provide all of our comprehensive information technology services for an easily managed monthly subscription. We eliminate surprise billing and add-on expenses so you can save time, money, and focus on growing your business.

Our mission is to make sure you have what you need to succeed, without unnecessary purchases and expenses that aren’t in line with your growth objectives.

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We aren’t a “set it and forget it” IT company. 
As your goals change, so do we!

Choosing the Right IT Solutions.

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For many people, technology is often complicated, cumbersome and just plain annoying. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Businesses who choose us as their Virtual IT Department get a partner who helps them get the most out of technology and top-rated support from our trained staff, all for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

Choose us as your IT partner so you can finally get technology working for you, not against you!

Our Clients Love Us, And The Feeling is Mutual We love our customers so much, it hurts

“I highly recommend SKYE Technologies to anyone I meet who has an IT need.

They have done a great job for my firm, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to help. Thanks for all you do.”

-Cheryl T.

“SKYE Technologies is very professional, quick to respond and does a fantastic job!

I would highly recommend them. They have done a wonderful job for our company. VERY reliable.”

-Doug H.

“I love that when I do have an issue I can talk to a real person every time I call.

They have top notch customer service and very knowledgeable in the services they provide. I would recommend this service to everyone!”

-Jason S.

“This was truly a case of going above and beyond. The solution they provided will be easy for me to use and will let me respond more quickly to the requests I get for file changes. I cannot thank them – and SKYE – enough for the attention given.


“They talked to me quite a few times today, had very good positive attitude in my time of stress. Haha I appreciate all you all do. Thank you!


“Everyone has been very helpful in our transition to SKYE. Patience with us has been welcomed. Thanks


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We are the IT Department for Growing Businesses.