Virtual IT Department

Our primary service is an all-inclusive support offering we call the Virtual IT Department.  Designed for businesses with 10 or more users, this service provides the benefits of a full-time IT staff in an economical way. The table below describes some of the individual components that make up this service.

Local, Responsive Help Desk

We have a staff of skilled technicians who work in our main office in Louisville, KY.  They work quickly to assist our customers and their end users with problems they face throughout the day.  By providing the details of your user and/or PC they can quickly initiate a remote support session and begin assisting. We consistently receive praise and high marks for customer satisfaction that supports our goal of forging lasting relationships with our clients.

On-Site Installation & Repairs

For the items that cannot be solved remotely or require a physical installation, we have a team of technicians who will travel to your office to complete the work.  Always friendly, prompt and professional, our on-site techs provide top quality service for our clients.

Monitoring & Maintenance

An ounce of prevention = a pound a cure.  We utilize state of the art Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software at all of our client locations.  This software enables us to perform routine maintenance and security updates on all PCs and servers, and alerts us to warnings or errors that indicate a hardware failure.  Catching such items early and proactively maintaining the fleet helps our customers achieve productivity levels they previously could never achieve on their own.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

This is arguably the most important service we provide. Our ongoing protection of your data, paired with regular “fire drills” to ensure data integrity, provide peace of mind to our clients. We include a complete local + offsite disaster recovery solution as part of our standard service.  This “non-negotiable” approach to service delivery ensures ALL clients are protected in the event of data loss, theft, ransomware, corruption and many more threats faced by any modern business.

Security Services

The prevalence of security threats and creativity of the threat actors is only increasing with time.  We provide a robust “stack” of security tools that update, monitor, alert and block security threats in real-time.  Additionally our staff provide guidance and direction on security “best practices” and what your company can do to protect itself from both internal and external threats.

Planning & Strategy Meetings

True, successful partnership dictates that both parties are invested in mutual success.  Effective planning and strategy of IT provides a tremendous boost to the security, stability and productivity of our clients.  Our account managers see to it that your company continuously improves and “moves the needle” in IT to improve your bottom line.

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