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It’s right that you want the best IT for your company - you know only too well that it can drive results and take your business on to bigger and better things. But all of that costs money and, if you don’t keep those costs in check, they can quickly mount up and make your IT wish list unfeasible. Luckily, there is an alternative. SKYE Technologies offers a range of services that can help you bring your IT budget back under control, without sacrificing the world-class equipment and service you know you need to get on in business.

Managed Services from SKYE Technologies allow you to discover the possibilities of reduced downtime, increased performance and lower costs for the day-to-day management of your IT systems. Forget the reactive approach of your current break/fix contractor, where you wait until there’s a problem for your support provider to correct and bill you. Instead, we constantly monitor your site for potential issues and correct them before they cause you trouble - or before you’ve even noticed they exist.

Even better, we also proactively apply upgrades and enhancements to your system to make it run more efficiently, allowing you and your team to get more from your IT. You’ll have the freedom to work more productively and drive higher sales and profits. All of this comes for a fixed monthly fee, meaning you can not only drastically cut the amount you spend on IT support, but also know with confidence how much you’ll be paying each month.

Virtualization could also help you cut the costs of your IT maintenance. By moving some or all of your hardware and software out of your physical office and having them hosted by SKYE Technologies and delivered to you through the internet, you’ll not only save space but plenty of cash too. You can say goodbye to worries about the prohibitive costs of software purchase, licensing and maintenance - we’ll take care of it all, for a fixed monthly amount. Needless to say, your systems will always be up to date with the latest releases, without the additional cost or the distraction from your day-to-day work to make it happen.

These and other solutions from SKYE Technologies can help you cut the amount you pay for IT.
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