Our computers go down a lot

Are you currently hiring IT support using a break/fix contract where you pay when things go wrong? If so, that’s probably the issue. Let’s face it - what incentive is there for your contractor to proactively make your system more efficient, if he’s making money when you suffer problems?

With Managed Services from SKYE Technologies, things can be different. Imagine a situation where your downtime is minimized to virtually zero, because we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your technology setup and how it runs. No more waiting for something to break before it gets repaired - we spot potential hiccups before you've even noticed they exist, and we apply fixes to them before they have had a chance to give you a headache.

Not only that, but Managed Services bring predictability back to your budget too. Wave goodbye to IT expenditures that fluctuate as your computer problems come and go. Our all-inclusive packages mean you get as much proactive and reactive support as you need, for the same fixed monthly price.

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