My IT guy is slow to respond

If you have an IT problem, you want it fixed - there and then. If your current support provider is slowing you down - whether it’s a one-man show or a larger company that just can’t deliver on its promises - then SKYE Technologies can help.

We commit to answering 98% of phone calls within 60 seconds. And that doesn't mean your call will be answered by a pushy salesperson, who will try to force unnecessary additional services on you before you finally get through to someone who can help with your technical issues. When we say your call will be answered within 60 seconds, we mean a friendly, qualified technician will pick up the phone and get straight to work in understanding, diagnosing and fixing your problem, so you get it resolved in the absolute shortest time possible.

Don’t forget all our technicians and engineers hold and maintain industry certifications, so they know what they’re talking about and are trained to get your IT moving again before you know it. This guarantee applies to every single one of our products and services. But of course, if you’re enjoying the benefits of our Managed Services solutions, then you’ll already have us identifying and resolving potential problems before they creep onto your radar - so we hope you won’t have cause to call us at all.

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